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Regional and International Appointments


  • Gloria Winston, Membership Committee Vice-Chairman
  • Sydney Adams, Technology Committee, Audio Visual Chairman
  • June Eichelberger, Communications Committee
  • Leathia Brady Rhodes, Communications Committee
  • Gloria Pittman, Connections Committee
  • Alenda Young, CONNECT Magazine
  • Chiymelle Proby Nunn, Nominating Committee
  • Kayama Scott, Philacters Committee
  • Laticia Palm, Philacters Committee
  • Germaine DuBose, Protocol Committee
  • Crystal Pittman, Program Committee (Resource)
  • Arleseuia N. Watson-Ford, Protocol Committee
  • Jeanette Sprewer, Protocol Committee
  • Safona Calderon, Technology and Philacters Committee 
  • Cherise Johnson, Technology Committee
  • Courtney Hill, Technology Committee
  • Antonette N. Smith, Technology Committee
  • Sherrie Phillips-Johnson, Tellers Committee
  • Marilyn Lacy, Proofreader
  • Michelle Rhymes, Proofreader


  • Pamela Bates Porch, Spiritual Oversight Committee Chairman and 27th Central Region Director
  • Latrice Eggleston, Central Region Representative to the International Program Committee
  • Gerlanda Miller, Finance Committee
  • Sarah F. Barber, Investigation and Evaluation Team (I-Team / E-Team)